How to Do the Celebration Styles in PS3?

Answer When you successfully score a goal in the game FIFA for the PlayStation 3, certain players are able to perform celebrations and dances on the field. Each character has their own unique celebrations... Read More »

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"Gotcha Day" celebration?

Unless the kid specifically asked for this (and even then, just because a kid wants something doesn't mean it's best for him or her...) that is completely and utterly atrocious. Aside from my feel... Read More »

In 'N Out - 60th anniversary celebration ?

I am the Customer Service Manager for In-N-Out Burger at the corporate office located in Irvine, CA. The rumors regarding In-N-Out Burger lowering prices or offering discounts for our 60th Anniver... Read More »

When was the first American Thanksgiving celebration?

The Pilgrims' autumn 1621 harvest celebration with local Native Americans in Plymouth, Massachusetts is commonly called the first Thanksgiving. Congress declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, to... Read More »