What is kola nut?

Answer A kola nut is a seed that contains caffeine and theobromine that comes from one of seven cola trees that produce edible fruit. Only two species (Cola nitida and Cola acuminata) are commercially exp... Read More »

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How big is a kola nut?

The Kola nut has an irregular shape and is approximately 1 to 2 inches in size. Its color ranges from white when it is fresh, to a reddish brown color when it is dried.Source:Botanical

What is the significance of the kola nut?

The kola nut has been used for centuries in Africa and is customarily chewed, not swallowed. It has attained religious and cultural significance in several cultures.Coastal AfricaThe kola nut has b... Read More »

What is kola nut extract?

Kola nut extract can be found in the seeds of the African kola tree. Kola nut extract, known for its caffeine properties, was one of the original ingredients included in the Coca-Cola recipe along ... Read More »

How to Break Kola Nuts?

Unless you're very familiar with West African culture, you may have never heard of the kola nut. Coming from the kola tree, an evergreen native to African rainforests, kola nuts are an important pa... Read More »