What is knapping?

Answer Knapping is the process of shaping stone tools or weapons through repeated forceful blows to break or chip away the stone. Sometimes called flint knapping, the process only works with high silica s... Read More »

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What is flint knapping?

Flint knapping is the process by which stone tools are made. Knapping is done by hand, and this type of toolmaking has been around since prehistoric times.FlintFlint is a hard sedimentary stone fou... Read More »

Flint Knapping Instructions?

Flint knapping is the act of shaping stone, flint, into tools. It was originally a survival technique used by primitive peoples for the creation of spear points, arrowheads, scrapers, knives and ot... Read More »

How to Make a Copper Flint Knapping Billet?

Flint knapping is the art of making edged tools, arrowheads and knives predominantly out of stone. This technique is a Stone Age skill adapted to modern materials and tools. A copper billet makes u... Read More »

How to Heat Treat Flint Knapping Rock?

The art of flint knapping was practiced widely by many prehistoric and ancient indigenous cultures across the world. Flint knapping is the process of chipping off bits of a rock to form a point or ... Read More »

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