What is kirsch liqueur?

Answer Kirsch is a dry, aromatic, cherry-flavored brandy that appears colorless because it is not aged in wood. Kirsch is the short name for "kirschwasser," which is German for cherry water.OriginKirsch ... Read More »

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What is kirsch syrup?

Kirsch is a brandy made from fermented black morello cherries. Kirsch is often enjoyed alone as a cocktail or used in cooking many sweet and savory dishes.OriginsThe colorless brandy, whose full na... Read More »

What is kirsch food?

"Kirsch food" refers to recipes that include as an ingredient the distilled European liquor known as kirsch. It is most closely associated with desserts of German origin.Definition of KirschKirsch ... Read More »

What is a kirsch drink?

Kirsch is short for Kirschwasser, which is German for cherry water. It is a cherry brandy traditionally made from sour black morello cherries. It is produced primarily in Germany, and particularly ... Read More »

What is chambord or kirsch?

Chambord is a brand of black raspberry liqueur. It has been made in France since the late 17th century. Kirsch is short for kirschwasser, a type of cherry brandy or cherry eau de vie. Kirschwasser ... Read More »