What is kinesio tape?

Answer Kinesio tape is an elastic tape used to activate the body's natural healing process by treating muscles. Stemming from the science of kinesiology, the non-restrictive tape (which does not affect ra... Read More »

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What is kinesio tape used for?

Based on the body's natural healing process, kinesio tape is used to stabilize and give support to muscles and joints without disrupting range of motion or circulation. Kinesio tape is also used fo... Read More »

How to Tape an AC Joint With Kinesio?

The AC, or acromicoclavicular joint, is the joint located at the top of the shoulder where the scapula meets the clavicle. The AC joint makes it possible for humans to rotate and lift their arms ab... Read More »

How to Use Kinesio Tape for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Kinesio Tapes can support injured joints, muscle, relieve pain, improve blood flow as well as providing therapeutic treatments.

How to Use Kinesio Tape to Aid Low Back Strain (Stress)?

Kinesio is a tape that can relieve pain and help lymphatic drainage by lifting up the skin to increase opening space between the epidermis and dermis. As this happen, the result is that pressure le... Read More »