Where is keystone, co?

Answer Keystone, Colorado, found in the Rocky Mountains, is about 75 miles west of Denver on Interstate 70. Located in Summit County of Colorado, the ZIP code for Keystone is 80435. The latitude and longi... Read More »

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How much is my Keystone K-999 worth?

A Google search revealed no hits, so I would guess not much. I have never heard of that brand. It may be a Chinese knock-off of a more popular projector. Try selling on eBay, you may get $10-20 for... Read More »

Where is Keystone Ski Resort?

Keystone Ski Resort is located in the Rocky Mountain town of Keystone, Colorado. Spread across over 3,000 acres and three mountain peaks, the resort is approximately 90 miles west of Denver Interna... Read More »

Festivals in Keystone, Colorado?

Keystone, Colorado, offers four months of festivals in the summer, and intermittent festivals throughout the winter. Located against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Keystone, Colorado, attrac... Read More »

What does the expression"keystone cops"mean?

The Keystone Kops were characters in a series of silent film shorts produced starting in 1912 by Mack Sennett for the Keystone Film Company, hence their name. They were a collection of bumbling, il... Read More »