What is kernel memory in Task Manager?

Answer Task Manager displays information about how Windows manages programs and resources. Kernel memory use is one of the key elements that Task Manager measures. Simply, kernel memory is the memory allo... Read More »

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What Is Physical Memory in Task Manager?

Random Access Memory (RAM) provides your computer with storage space for application processes. RAM is often called "physical memory," which is different than virtual memory stored on the computer'... Read More »

How do i run task manager?

Press "Ctrl"and "Esc" simultaneously or click the "Start" button on your Windows Desktop taskbar. Then type "Run" into the search area and press "Enter" or click "Run" when it appears above. Window... Read More »

What should be in your task manager?

The task manager should show five tabs titled "Applications," "Processes," "Performance," "Networking" and "Users," in that order. The standard menu options including "File," "Options," "View," "Wi... Read More »

What is *32 in my task manager?

Assuming you have 64bit Windows Vista, it's perfectly normal. It means that program is emulated to run in 32bit mode using WOW64.