What is karate oyama?

Answer Oyama karate is a full-contact Japanese style of karate. The ultimate goal of Oyama karate is to develop students with strength, discipline and integrity. The emphasis in classes is on hard work, r... Read More »

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What color are karate belts?

Karate students progress through a series of colored belts as their skill level improves. Although different Karate teachers may use unique belt-color systems, there are two primary scales. The tra... Read More »

What is the karate uniform called?

The uniform worn in karate is called a "gi," pronounced "gee" with a hard "g" as in "ground." This is often lengthened to "karategi," meaning "gi for karate" or "dogi," meaning "gi for the way." Ka... Read More »

What is the benefits for joining karate?

Do NROTC at a law school and you may be allowed to go into the non-restricted line of service. But most likely your obligated service will be served on the restricted line.

What is a karate coach called?

A karate coach is commonly referred to as a sensei. The term is Janpanese and refers to experienced professionals. While sensei is used outside of karate, it is accepted as the proper way to addres... Read More »