How to Live With Juvenile Diabetes?

Answer Juvenile diabetes is what is now called type 1, or insulin dependent, diabetes. It was originally called "juvenile" because the early age of onset � before the age of 30 in most individuals. With... Read More »

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At what age do most children get diagnosed with juvenile diabetes?

In the United States, type 1 diabetes, formerly known as juvenile diabetes, typically gets diagnosed around age 14. This form of diabetes strikes suddenly, usually by age 20, though it can come dur... Read More »

Can you provide some Juvenile Diabetes items for the avatars, please?

A girl I'm dating has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. What can I do to be cognizant/sensitive to her condition?

Well, lived all my life looking after my Mom with Type I, as well as my little brother being born with it as well. Somehow I personally lucked out. What I can tell you is this, just like any pers... Read More »

Could anyone explain just how losing weight helps diabetes since not everyone who has diabetes is overweight?

Excess of fat in the fat cells reduces the body's ability to use insulin which affects the utilisation of blood sugar by the body cells....when u lose some weight, that is when fat is lost, insulin... Read More »