If I just buy an iPhone 4 just the phone no contract, can I just put my sim in it & and it work?

Answer Yes, but you should first check if it works with your SIM card and carrier. For instance, I live in Canada and bought iPhone 4 from someone. I'm using it with Chatr (company name). It belonged to R... Read More »

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Ok, so just a couple of mins ago i posted a about what to do with a pitbull i found...well it just bit me...?

You should call the police dept first, or animal control to take care of the dog. Then you should go to the emergency room to have the doctor take a look at that bite. Even though its small, they c... Read More »

What should you do if you want to live in a area that you just moved away from just this summer?

My plasma tv wont work , when i turn it on it just does some wierd noise and just turns off , what do i do?

you have power supply issues. Call a local service company and let them diagnose it and fix it for you. The only alternatives are you fix it yourself if you are technically inclined and have access... Read More »

We've just found out there is no satellite or cable tv in the flat we've just bought, what are options?

Freeview by aerial is the obvious way. For satellite TV, there are disguised/discreet dishes on the market. Read More »