What are juniper berries?

Answer Juniper berries are the small, berry-like cones containing the seeds of the juniper tree. They take two to three years to mature, changing from a reddish color to bluish black. Only mildly poisonou... Read More »

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What Are Juniper Trees?

Junipers are hardy, long-lived evergreen trees that belong to the genus Juniperus. They are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and they are valued for their attractive, sculptured shape. ... Read More »

What type of juniper is this?

Blue Rug Juniper Botanical name is Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltoni'.…Bonsai…

What is a good fertilizer for Juniper bushes?

Junipers like Acid fertilizer, the same as you use for Hollies, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Lily of the Valley, et al... Remove the mulch and fertilize under the branches and mulch after that, in the s... Read More »

What do juniper berries smell like?

Juniper berries are the fruit-like tiny cones from the evergreen juniper shrub. The shrubs are found throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Its berries are most commonly used for juniper juice ... Read More »