What is junior scrabble?

Answer Scrabble Junior, sometimes referred to as Junior Scrabble, is a children's version of the classic word game Scrabble. The game is not only entertaining, but also helps kids work on spelling and voc... Read More »

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How many pieces are in a Scrabble Junior game?

Hasbro's Scrabble Junior word game contains 101 letter tiles, 44 chips for scoring and a two-sided playing board. Scrabble Junior is designed for two to four players that are five and older. It has... Read More »

What is the meaning of scrabble?

The word "scrabble" has multiple meanings. Its most common usage is as the name of the board game, Scrabble. However, there are several other accepted meanings of the word as well.Board GameScrabbl... Read More »

What is the best scrabble solver?

On One Hand: Scrabulizer is an excellent toolWhen it comes to getting the highest point value out of your letters, Scrabulizer is a highly efficient tool. Provided with a model Scrabble board, a us... Read More »

What year was Scrabble invented?

The game of Scrabble was trademarked in 1948 by Alfred Mosher Butts, an unemployed architect living in New York. Scrabble was originally rejected by game manufacturers, but gained popularity in the... Read More »