What Is Crazing on Pottery?

Answer "Crazing" refers to the appearance of a fine network of hairline fractures in the surface of glazed pottery. These cracks do not go all the way through the pottery, and don't affect its basic struc... Read More »

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What kind of clay can you use for pottery?

The earliest pottery dates to around 6500 BC in Turkey. Today, pottery is not only useful for creating dishes and other necessities, it is also a relaxing hobby. You can use several types of clay i... Read More »

What are ovens called in pottery?

Cooked lobster is best used within a day, maybe two.

What does USA on the bottom of pottery mean?

The U.S.A. logo placed on the bottom of the pottery lets consumers know the item was manufactured in the United States of America. American companies place these logos on the bottom of their produc... Read More »

What Makes Pottery Fire & Water Resistant?

When pottery is first formed, the clay is not water resistant. A few chemical changes occur while the clay piece is fired that make the pottery fire and water resistant.