What is your favorite cheesiest pick up line?

Answer "I'm like a Rubik's Cube ... The more you play with me the harder I Get! "

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If You HAD to pick one....Backstreet Boys or Jonas Brothers?

I refuse to choose!!I choose the firing squad, if necessary ;)EDIT - Oh, crap - you even had a preparation for those who chose death.( with a shudder ) - Backstreet BoyzI have to go lay down, now....

Whats ur favorite jonas brothers?

i agree mine is kevin he is hot and seems so nice and sweet

What is your favorite Jonas Brothers song and why?

Whats your favorite Jonas Brothers song?

JB - ALL OF THEM!!!! But if I had to pick just one, probably A Little Bit Longer (since I can kind of relate...I had cancer about 4 years ago. Let's just say it was really hard to go through). And ... Read More »