What is jet fuel composed of?

Answer The high speeds of jet aircraft create extreme conditions, including heat from air friction, so jet aircraft require special fuels that will ignite only at high temperatures and not freeze at low t... Read More »

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What is dry ice composed of?

Dry ice is a chemical substance used for many purposes such as keeping food cold, creating fog effects in productions and even cleaning. It is a solid form of pure carbon dioxide that turns directl... Read More »

What Is Pumice Composed of?

The Mineral Information Institute describes pumice as a volcanic rock formed when lava with a high content of water and gases is thrown out of a volcano. Escaping gas bubbles cause the lava to beco... Read More »

What is an apple composed of?

An apple has several parts: the core, also known as the ovary, which contains mature ovules, or seeds; the hypanthium, which is the tissue structure surrounding the core and which holds the flower ... Read More »

What is toner composed of?

Toner, the ink used in laser printers and photocopiers, is significantly different in composition from the ink used in inkjet printers. This is because laser printers use a different method to get ... Read More »