How to Be a Chris Jericho Fan?

Answer Chris Jericho is one of WWE's known Canadians. Going from ECW, WCW, and to WWE, Jericho has engraved his name in pro-wrestling federations. Here is how to be a Chris Jericho fan.

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What is the origin of the name Jericho?

The name Jericho is of both Semitic and Hebrew origin, and it metonymically represents a "place in Israel" or "city of moon gods or fragment" or "moon city." It is a common Hebrew name for a male.R... Read More »

Do you like the show jericho?

Like???? No LOVE the Show! I was So Mad when I heard they cancelled.I signed the petitons & even posted in My newspaper forum to get people to fight it! It Paid Off & Thank You CBS but Please don't... Read More »

How to Do Chris Jericho's Codebreaker?

Want to do the codebreaker like Chris Jericho? Well here's how!

What would licensing fee be for Jericho products?

currently there are 26 episodes in all, but the animators are thinking about making never know