I'm trying to play chess on yahoo and it says I need java script and flash player 7. How do I get the Java?

Answer Usually there will be a prompt when you play the chess game saying you have to download either one. If you do not get a prompt, you might have to download it manually at one or both of the followi... Read More »

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Why game not loading Java & Java Script enabled.?

More Info.. and if you have any error messages mention them.

What's the difference between java and java-script.?

JavaScript1. Interpreted (not compiled) by client.2.Object-based. Code uses built-in, extensible objects, but no classes or inheritance.3. Code integrated with, and embedded in, HTML.4.Variable dat... Read More »

Is java script ok to use?

Of course java script is okay to use. Java script occasionally stops working but that's okay.

How do I allow Java script?

FirefoxClick the "Tools" heading in the menu bar and select "Options." Choose the "Content" tab. Click "Enable Javascript."Click the "Advanced Options" button if you want to restrict Javascript fro... Read More »