What is jacquard bedding?

Answer Jacquard bedding refers to coverlets and bedspreads made from any type of fabric, including matelasse, damask and brocade, produced on a jacquard loom. Jacquard bedding often provides a rich appea... Read More »

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When did Joseph Jacquard invent the weaving machine?

Joseph Jacquard invented a mechanical weaving machine called the Jacquard loom in 1804. He created the loom by using punch cards to control the design of the weaving. Prior to this invention, weave... Read More »

What bedding can I use for my hamster?

Bedding, also called litter, is the material used in a hamster cage that absorbs urine and extra water, and it makes a comfortable place for the hamster to walk on and tunnel into. All species of p... Read More »

What is a bedding coverlet?

A coverlet is a lightweight bed cover, usually cotton-backed, used to decorate a bed or to top it during warm months. Traditionally coverlets are somewhat narrower, shorter and thinner than bedspre... Read More »

What is a duvet bedding set?

A duvet is a case for a comforter. Just as a pillow is placed inside a pillowcase, a comforter is put inside a duvet to give it a whole new look. A duvet bedding set includes sheets, pillowcases, p... Read More »