What is jaan arrival in an indian wedding?

Answer Traditional Gujarati Hindu weddings feature several ceremonies and rituals, including the jaan arrival. The jaan is the groom's arrival at the wedding site, where he is welcomed and blessed by the ... Read More »

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Del-sfo and would like to stopover in zurich can i get the on arrival visa for zurich iam holding an indian pp?

In general Schengen visa are not issued on arrival [except for proven emergencies]. Holders of a valid visa for the United States do not need a Swiss transit visa, provided they have their luggage ... Read More »

DIY Indian Wedding?

Weddings in India are lavish events and are taken very seriously. Vibrant colors, soothing aromas and joyful music are staples at a culturally rich Indian wedding. Having an Indian themed wedding i... Read More »

Indian Wedding Ceremonies?

A typical American wedding can be summed up in three basic aspects: rehearsal, ceremony and reception. An Indian wedding is vastly different. Weddings are very important to the Indian culture becau... Read More »

Traditional Indian Wedding Outfits?

Indian weddings typically include a variety of traditions that are different from most Western weddings. While most Western brides wear white dresses, Indian brides generally wear red. Other people... Read More »