In the Meatloaf song he sang “I would do anything for love but I won’t do that”. What is “that”?

Answer run around in a pink thong!!!

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What do you do when the man you love wont help you with your kids?

From personal experince. I found that the best way is to be busy with one child (eg;changing a napy or helping with homework).Do this right before you want his help, wheather you want him to start ... Read More »

What is that song off avatar even if your love is lost you'll find the missing love inside your heart?

What ehthnic cusine that u would love to try that u haven't had a chance to try yet?

I can honestly say, I think I've tried practically everything, because I can't think of one. I've had plenty of Asian, South American and European foods. I'm a very adventurous eater, and there a... Read More »

Do you think you could ever love a child that was adopted the way you love your own?

I agree with you but only if I had a biological child and an adopted child. If I were not able to have children then I think I would love that child as if I grew him or her inside of me. My husband... Read More »