What is it that causes "butterflies in the tummy"?

Answer you mean physiologically? I think when you get nervous your body goes into a fight or flight mode and this makes certain nerves over excited. You can twitch, have to go the bathroom, and perhaps,... Read More »

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Is having butterflies in your tummy a sign of being pregnant?

Answer If you know you are pregnant it could be yes, sometimes you feel your uterus as the ligaments stretch and of course the first movements you feel around 20 weeks feel like butterflies.If you... Read More »

GUYS - do you prefer a bit of a flabby, soft tummy or a washboard, really flat tummy?

How to Keep Butterflies?

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How to Take Care of Butterflies?

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. If you by any chance find a butterfly hurt, or you simply want to observe it, then here is how to take care of them.