What is it like working at the post office?

Answer As of 2010, more than 600,000 people in the United States work for the postal service. Job outlook is poor, though, with a projected $7 billion loss in 2010, according to The Associated Press. Post... Read More »

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Is working for the post office stressful?

On One Hand: The Salary May Reduce Financial StressThe American Postal Workers Union reports that the base salary range for full-time postal employees ranges from $33,793 to $51,208 as of November ... Read More »

How office automation system affects people working in the office?

It helps them save time ,reduces the paper cost which are used in DFA's (Draft for approval) makes thing run very quickly.

Where was the first post office?

The first known post office in the United States was located in New York City, at the corner of William Street and Exchange Place. The post office opened Jan. 1, 1837. The citizens of New York thou... Read More »

What happens at the post office?

The post office handles a number of things. Mail is delivered and received and sorted put into post office boxes. It's prepared for shipping in a variety of ways.StampsConsumers purchase postage st... Read More »