What is it like to walk on a balance beam?

Answer Walking on a balance beam can be very similar to walking on the ground once you find your center of gravity. There are a few things you can do to practice and become comfortable with the action.Cen... Read More »

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How to Walk on a Gymnastics Balance Beam?

The balance beam: perhaps the most iconic apparatus in gymnastics. At only four inches wide and typically several feet off the ground, simply walking from one end to the other can seem practically ... Read More »

The Difference Between a Triple Beam Balance & Double Beam Balance?

Both the triple beam balance and double beam balance are used to measure the weight of an object, and are commonly used in the classroom to teach students the basics in mass and weight of objects. ... Read More »

What is a balance beam used for?

The balance beam serves as a competitive apparatus in the sport of gymnastics. Originally, the balance beam was used to help gymnasts improve balance skills. But in the 1934 Budapest World Champion... Read More »

What is the center point on a balance beam called?

The center point on a balance beam is called the fulcrum. If distances are defined, the weight must be equal on both sides of the fulcrum to achieve balance. However, two uneven weights can be bala... Read More »