What is it like to get shot in the head?

Answer Well, when you are shot; The bullet first cracks through your skull making its way to the fluid surrounding your brain. The fluid bursts and ripples causing an instant seizure. The bullet continues... Read More »

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Head Shot Posing Tips?

Whether business cards, a modeling portfolio or a promotional publicity portrait need updating, a head shot portrait session is the answer. A clear, close-up head and shoulders portrait looks best ... Read More »

Does it hurt if you get shot in your head?

the brain doesn't have pain receptors BUT the skull and scalp do. it would depend on what part of the head you got shot in. not all head shots are lethal. if you received a non-lethal head shot ... Read More »

Is it possible to live after being shot in the head?

I heard this story in my hometown, and it happened for real. this guy wanted to kill this other guy with a magnum .357 and the other guy didnt realize that the guy with the gun was following him an... Read More »

What does it feel like to be shot or stabbed ?

Depends armoured or not? No body armour,depends where. Bullet hits a bone,hurts like a mother fkr. 9 times out of 10 because bullet fragmented into smaller pieces doing more damage. Bullet goes thr... Read More »