What is it like to be super rich?

Answer Only a small percentage of people are considered to be super-rich, so it's natural for the rest of us to occasionally daydream about how life would be different if we had unlimited amounts of money... Read More »

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How Do I Make My Sim Super Rich on "Sims 3"?

"The Sims 3" is a game where you create a family of Sims and move them into a house. The more money your Sims make, the bigger the house they can afford. You can cheat to make your Sims super-rich ... Read More »

How did those people become super rich?

I'm not super rich but II make about 200k a year selling properties and doing international trades. Of course, that's only part-time. Full time, I'm a CEO of a small forestry company and I make abo... Read More »

How to Become Super Hot and Look Rich in One Summer?

Want to come back next year to school looking super hot and rich? Well here are some tips for coming back and wowing your class

What is it like to live in Zürich, Switzerland?

I have visited Zurich on 3 occasions, but I have not lived there.I can tell you it is a very beautiful city to visit but living there and having to go to work to earn a living, well, that's another... Read More »