What is it like to be in late stage of cancer?

Answer There is no standard answer. Everyone is different depending on their bodies, how long they've been ill, any other illnesses, etc. For my father, who died two years ago today, it was months of pain... Read More »

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My husband has late stage cancer and has started to wet his pants. Should I tell him we're through?

I really hope you're a troll.Why did you marry him? Because you loved him? For the money? Because you were pregnant/drunk/on drugs?Stay with him, and actually try to help him and make the last few ... Read More »

How many months or years does it take for cervix cancer to develope from 1st stage to 2nd and 3rd stage?

Not only Cancer of Cervix and in fact all cancers develop very fast from stage to stage and the progression mainly depend on the GRADE of the disease. Grade of the cancer denotes the speed at which... Read More »

What is the difference between stage 2&stage 3 breast cancer?

Once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, its important to know how advanced the disease is. The process, referred to as staging, supplies information on if or how far the cancer has spread so... Read More »

Liver Cancer Stage 3 blood test .. Oncologist or nurse or liver cancer survivor?

Personality changes are not symptoms of liver cancer and no doctor would advise any diagnostics for liver cancer based on personality changes. For more about about liver cancer and its symptoms, d... Read More »