What is it like in the police academy?

Answer Police academies provide a comprehensive training approach, offering classroom and hands-on training. You must meet minimum age requirements, pass a basic literacy test, have a clean criminal backg... Read More »

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What does it take to be in a police academy?

Though minimum requirements vary, most police academies adhere to several basic standards. Generally, a recruit must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent and pay acade... Read More »

What is the police academy like?

Police academies are the law enforcement equivalent of military boot camp. Officer recruits are tested mentally and physically while learning the basics of policing.Physical FitnessThe recruits exe... Read More »

Do you get paid during the police academy?

Prospective police officers who have been hired by a police department and sent to the academy for training are paid for their time. They may not receive a full salary, however. Those who sign up f... Read More »

Do you get paid while you're in the police academy?

It depends. If a police department hires you and sends you to police academy, you will be paid a salary during the time you are in training. If you join a police academy before being hired, you do ... Read More »