What is it like in meat-packing plants?

Answer In 1906 the publication of Upton Sinclair's exposé on the meat-packing industry titled "The Jungle" inspired the passage of national legislation designed to improve conditions within the industry.... Read More »

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What fake meat tasts the most like real meat?

Boca veggie sausage, I put it in the veggie chili I make and it fooled most the meat eating people who tasted it.

If humans are meant to eat meat why dont they eat their meat raw like natural meateaters do?

humans arent meant to eat meat. we dont have canine teeth, our stomachs and digestive system arent made for eating meat. it actually clogs up your digestive system for a couple days. humans arent n... Read More »

What Are the USDA Inspection Regulatory Standards for Meat Plants?

Upton Sinclair, whose 1905 novel, the Jungle, caused a public outcry, is credited for the turning point in meat inspection. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Sinclair describe... Read More »

Do deer eat meat or plants?

Deer rely exclusively on a steady diet of plants. As such, deer are considered herbivores; they do not eat meat. Deer may eat several different parts of a plant, a specific plant or a combination o... Read More »