What is it like for a girl to have an older brother?

Answer its nice, especially if he takes you everywhere and is nice to you also it is helpful because they always seem to know a lot

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Can a 10 years old girl get pregnant when she never had her period and had sex with her older brother?

AnswerThat is illegal but, She can not get pregnant if she hasn't had her period.I girl can only get pregnant if an egg is realised in her ovaries, Which she needs to get her periods to happen.

Which pair of sibling relation is most complicated - 2 brothers or 2 sisters or older brother - little sister or little brother - older sister?

I come from a family of 13..... 7 girls 6 boys same two parents....... I sit at number ten grew up with my two sisters above me 9 and 8 and a set off twin boys 11 and 12 and the youngest lucky numb... Read More »

If you're a young girl and your older brother is watching porn how do you stop feeling uncomfortable I sometimes think that one day he won't be able to control his body and he'll rape me?

It is curiosity for young men to watch pornography, but they should do so in the privacy of another room and not in front of a sister or other girls. You have the option of leaving the room; tellin... Read More »

What is the name of country singer Jake Owen's older brother - not Jarrod their other brother?