What is it like being a vegetarian?

Answer I don't really think being a vegetarian is "like" anything, lol. Once you become conscious of what you consume, its really quite easy. There are SO many meat substitutes and many taste wonderful, t... Read More »

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What is it like being a vegetarian at Howard University? list howard as the 1250th best school for vegetarian options....a 4.6 out of 10....washington dc is veg friendlyfortunately howard is half a mile from a great restauranthttp://ww... Read More »

My mum and the rest of the family don't like me being a vegetarian?

I really don't believe you when you say that there isn't anything in the house that you can eat to get protein from. There must be nuts or beans or peanut butter. If you are still eating eggs and d... Read More »

What is better - being a vegetarian or being a vegan?

That's sort of like the Yankees or Red Sox debate. I'm a Vegetarian, and I eat eggs and cheese. I feel my choice is healthier for me, and compassionate. (free range, organic, etc)

If I become a vegetarian will I loose weight (Also information about being a vegetarian)?

Some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, and others don't. It's about the choices you make for a healthy lifestyle, combined with whether your body likes a vegetarian lifestyle.Many vegetarian... Read More »