What is it if you have what looks like a tooth or a three-pronged something growing out of the roof of your mouth?

Answer Answer Sounds like there could possibly be one of your permanent Molars growing out "ROOT" first. The 3 things you see growing out are Roots.

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A tooth is growing & my mouth hurts, what can I do?

Sounds possibly like a wisdom tooth coming in. They hurt bad. Tell a parent and get to the dentist. You need to have it taken out asap. Even if that isn't the case, it's still needing to be checked... Read More »

What should you do if you have a tooth in the roof of your mouth and are scared to have it removed?

AnswerIt's OK to be afraid. Courage is not about never being afraid, it's about doing what's right regardless of your fear. If you absolutely have to have the tooth taken out, you should. Options: ... Read More »

I'm 13, and I have no idea what tooth is growing in the back of my mouth?

People typically get their first molars when they are about six, the second molars when they are about twelve, and their third molars at about age eighteen or so. The third molars ARE the teeth pe... Read More »

What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in behind the baby tooth before it has fallen out?

Answer Most of the time the baby tooth will fall out eventually. If it doesn't seem to be getting loose, it should be removed by a dentist so it doesn't cause adult teeth to be crowded or crooked.