What is it called when you take what's on the screen and copy it on to paper?

Answer Handwritten transcription.

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I have brother-j715w printer, it keep saying paper jam even there was no paper when i try to print or copy?

This is the Brother support site… They will help you. Learn More About Brother PrintersTo learn more about the types of Brother printers and how they can... Read More »

Why is a movie screen called the silver screen?

Since the advent of film in the early 1900s, theaters have been trying to optimize their viewing quality. During the 1920s, movie-screen producers began to incorporate silver because of its reflect... Read More »

Whats the app called that tells you whats near you?

Why is it that when we get a project to do, my friends just copy whats on wikipedia?

I agree, that is not fair.Why don't you ask one of your parents to bring this up at the next parent't evening? As a general question, of course - don't start pointing fingers.When my sons were you... Read More »