What is it called when you pinch somebody in the neck and they go unconcious?

Answer vulcan grip

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When professionals are at a photo shoot they have something for their DSLRs that immediatly when they take a picture it goes onto the computer for review what is this called?

An extended-range wireless controller system designed for EOS cameras with N3 remote control sockets. Provides remote shutter release capability with a maximum transmitter-to-receiver distance of 3... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Nerve Pinch in Your Neck Quickly?

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What is the thing called that babies are put in when they are born before they are supposed to be?

Pain management CTR Surgery been 5months stiil get pains plus have pinch nerve in my neck what can i do 4pain?

It sounds like they only addressed half the problem. It's very kind of them to do the carpal tunnel release, but if you are still suffering radating pain down the arm the job is only half done. It ... Read More »