When you mix green&yellow what color do you get?

Answer Mixing green and yellow creates a color somewhere between green and yellow. The exact shade depends on the ratio of the involved colors. A higher yellow content will create a brighter, lighter yell... Read More »

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What color do you get when you mix yellow&blue?

Yellow, blue and red are the three primary colors. These colors, as well as black and white, are the basis of all existing colors. A mixture of yellow and blue will produce the color green.Referenc... Read More »

What color do you get when you mix yellow&purple together?

When mixed together, the primary color yellow and the secondary color purple make brown. Primary colors (red, yellow and blue) cannot be created from any other colors. Secondary colors (green, oran... Read More »

I have a light yellow house and need advice on what color to paint the shutters?

I think the shutters should match the trim but, if you are dead-set against white shutters and unwilling to change your trim color, then I agree with eklat77, burgandy would look pretty good (excep... Read More »

When do electric yellow cichlid fry turn color?

The electric yellow cichlid (Labidochromis caeruleus) is also known as the canary cichlid and the blue streak hap. The male electric yellow cichlid begins to turn yellow at sexual maturity, which u... Read More »