Does multiple personalities begin at birth?

Answer Only if you drop your baby on it's head. If you do that, you must immediately kill yourself and your spouse and your baby and any other realtive you know. Just kidding.

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How to Have Multiple Personalities on Club Penguin?

Are you out of fun ideas for your club penguin personality? Well this is your lucky day! Below are listed a bunch of different personalities, you're sure to find one that suits you!

Whats the thing called so I can have multiple RCA inputs to my TV?

a/v switch box.………

What is the cable that allows you to connect multiple game systems to your Television called?

You probably do not want to use "Y adapters" as these will allow noise into the video signal. You want to use a AV selector. NOTE: always use high quality interconnects!If you are using DVI HDMI or... Read More »

What is a circuit with multiple parallel parts and one serial part called?

A circuit that has components connected in series and components connected in parallel is called a series-parallel circuit. To determine the resistance, voltage, current and power of a series-paral... Read More »