What is it called when you have a glass of beer and you drop a shot into it?

Answer It's called a good time....that's what.

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Which American beer is called the fire-brewed beer?

Stroh's beer is called the fire-brewed beer. Bernhard Stroh, Jr., son of the founder, introduced the fire-brewing method from Europe at the family's brewery in Detroit. The family branched out and ... Read More »

How to Fish a Drop Shot Rig?

Reaction Innovations D.S. CreatureThe drop-shot rig is a finesse technique that has taken the bass fishing world by a storm. A drop-shot rig will often catch fish when reaction baits won't do the t... Read More »

How to Perform a Drop Shot?

If you continuously rally with your opponent at the baseline, don't wait for them to make an error, hit a sweet drop shot to win the point! Just watch a professional like Roger Federer do them!

Where can i find beer thats called "beer"?

I find Beer on the shelf of my liquor store. I suggest you look in your local store for it too.