When 97.9 was called wsdm wasn't there a lady DJ called Jesse Rafeallater later had a talk show on TV?

Answer Phillip Phillips won season 11 of American Idol.

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Was there a talk show called Lisa in the '90?

I don't.Why should private citizens pay bailout? Are you suggesting this just because they are wealthy?The bailout isn't charity; the government is purchasing assets. If Trump and Winfrey were to f... Read More »

How can you called and talk to direct tv group?

I'm in the same boat your in.. no one really knows anymore. I hope a deal can be arranged..

What is the software called where you talk into a microphone on your pc and it types the words out for you?

Voice Recognition Software.Dragon naturally speaking is a good VRS package.

Looking for audios of wlib talk show called gap rap from 1968 to 1969?

He flew by in a blimp so nobody could see or remember the date.