What happens if you eat feces?

Answer As long as you don't have a disease of the bowels you should be consume feces everyday, sometimes human, without knowing it. If it gets under your nails even without seeing it, it may be... Read More »

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How to Help My Dog Not Eat Feces?

If your dog has taken a liking to eating feces, rest assured you are not alone. This stool-eating habit is actually known by the name of ''coprophagia'' and is quite common in canines. Whether your... Read More »

Mucus in a Dog's Feces?

Mucus in a dog's feces (stool) usually indicates a more serious condition. Dogs should be able to eat a fairly diverse diet without incurring digestive or urinary tract problems. When mucus is dete... Read More »

Can one vomit own feces?

Well, Kudos for asking a question I dont see three times a night....Your digestive tract from one end (the mouth) to the other is about 33 feet long....digested food technically becomes feces about... Read More »

Diseases in Dog Feces?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned dog owners about the health dangers posed by dog feces, which are swarming with coliform bacteria. Certain pathogens are also communicable from ... Read More »