What is it called when you add water to scotch?

Answer While there is no specific term for adding water to scotch, many individuals do so to "cut" the taste or the strength of the drink. However, adding water to scotch can also enhance the flavor of th... Read More »

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Did you know that I love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch, here it goes down, down into my belly, mmm mmm mmm?

i feel all deprived...i've never had scotch.i do like tequila though...yum.

What does scotch in scotch doubles mean?

When you play scotch doubles in bowling, the term scotch refers to the style of play in which the partners alternate shots. If a player fails to bowl a strike, his partner attempts to pick up the s... Read More »

What is water called in Fiji?

The English word "water" is translated into Fijian as "wai". This can be used to describe both drinking water and water used for swimming. Fijian is part of the Malayo-Polynesian family, with 450,0... Read More »

What is the water under a drawbridge called?