What is it called when women have their reproductive organs removed?

Answer When a woman gets her reproductive organs removed, it is called a hysterectomy. During a hysterectomy, the woman's womb and uterus are removed. In more radical hysterectomies, the the womb, the ute... Read More »

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Do women really get horny when they have their period?

When professionals are at a photo shoot they have something for their DSLRs that immediatly when they take a picture it goes onto the computer for review what is this called?

An extended-range wireless controller system designed for EOS cameras with N3 remote control sockets. Provides remote shutter release capability with a maximum transmitter-to-receiver distance of 3... Read More »

When women enlist in the Air Force do they have to cut their hair to a certain length?

No, but your hair must be above your collar and must be neat refer to AFI 32-29-03

If women lactated out their fingers, would all women have to wear gloves?

Probably.The bright side is having octuplets wouldn't be as draining.What about noses. Then having a big nose would be desirable. Can you imagine. Nose enlargement surgery.Seems rather silly, bu... Read More »