What is it called when hot air meets cold air?

Answer When hot air meets cold air, a stationary front is formed and the front may not move for several days. Once the wind changes direction, the front will begin moving and become a hot or cold front.So... Read More »

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What Happens When a Cold Front Meets a Warm Front?

A "front" is essentially a boundary. In meteorological terms, a warm front is the boundary line between a mass of warm air and the air surrounding it. By contrast, a cold front is the boundary line... Read More »

What is the invisible line where the earth meets the sky called?

The invisible line where the Earth meets the sky is called the horizon. The horizon isn't actually a flat line; it's a perfect circle (you can see the same distance in all directions). Because the ... Read More »

What is it called when a cold front pushes into a warm air mass?

When a cold front overtakes a warm air mass it is known as a cold occlusion. A cold occlusion will result in a drop in temperatures, accompanied by changing wind directions and an increased chance ... Read More »

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