What is it called when ears ring?

Answer Ringing in the ears is called tinnitis. This condition is not an illness but is generally a symptom of some other problem, such as hearing loss or an ear Tinnitis

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What was the 80s or 90s kids programme called that featured a snotty like slime monster with trumpet nose or ears called?

Why do my ears ring with adrenal fatigue?

Ear ringing, or tinnitus, is one of many symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue, according to Dr. James L. Wilson, author of "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome." A physiological c... Read More »

What is the red ring on an archery target called?

The red rings on an archery target have no specific names, other than the seventh and eighth rings of the standard target. They are worth seven and eight points when hit. The innermost ring is know... Read More »

What is the gold ring surrounding the pupil called?

A gold ring surrounding the pupil is called a Kayser-Fleischer ring. The circle indicates that a person has abnormal levels of copper in his or her system. One malady that causes this condition to ... Read More »