What is it called when a word processor automatically takes the next word to a new line?

Answer Word processing software employs the use of word wrap, a function by which the word processor moves words at the end of one line to a new line of text based on factors, such as the length of the li... Read More »

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What is it called in a Word Processor when all lines are indented except the first line?

A hanging indent is when a word processor indents all the lines except for the first one. This is an alternative way of introducing paragraphs or of emphasizing the first line. Most document softw... Read More »

How do I MS Word to automatically capitalize the first word of each line?

From at least version 2000 up of MS-Word, every time that you start a new line, the first character of that first word will automatically be capitalized by the application. One just needs to make ... Read More »

How to Put in a Line Using Microsoft Works Word Processor?

Microsoft Works Word Processor is similar to Microsoft Word, but without all of the features. Think of it as a stripped-down version of Word. When you want to create a horizontal line in Word, you ... Read More »

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