What is it called when a mother first has a baby and is stressed?

Answer drugs

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Normal stressed SAHM mother of a high-needs baby Or mental health issues?

Maybe look into if your meds are making the baby a little irritable. Some meds do that for some people and it does get through the breast milk. Have you tried baby wearing? Lets you get more do... Read More »

What is it called when a baby is born bottom first?

breech specifically Frank breech - the baby's bum comes out first, and his legs are bent at the hip and straight at the knees with their feet near their ears.)... my brother was born this way and h... Read More »

What is a father, mother&baby whale called?

There are many species of whales but regardless of the type, the male or father whale is called a bull. The female or mother whale is called a cow and a baby whale is referred to as a calf.Source:T... Read More »

What is the organ called that the baby develops in the mother?