What is isopropyl alcohol made of?

Answer The chemical formula for isopropyl alcohol (also known as isopropanol, rubbing alcohol and 2-propanol) is C[3]H[8]O, which means that three carbon atoms bind with eight hydrogen atoms and one oxyge... Read More »

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What is isopropyl alcohol made from?

Isopropyl alcohol is made by combining water with a substance called propylene. Propylene is also known as propene. Isopropyl alcohol is the type of alcohol most often used in the making of rubbing... Read More »

Is rubbing alcohol the same as isopropyl alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is the same form of alcohol as isopropyl alcohol, synthetically produced and diluted with 30 percent water. Isopropyl alcoholic is a form of denatured alcohol, different than that u... Read More »

What is isopropyl alcohol used for?

Isopropyl alcohol is used for many things. It is a solvent for dyes, paints, inks and cements, as well as synthetic varnishes and lacquers. It is also a solvent in aerosol products such as air fres... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for isopropyl alcohol?

The chemical formula for isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is C3H8O---which means it has three carbons atoms, eight hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Isopropyl alcohol has higher germicidal ... Read More »