What is isometrics?

Answer Isometrics are types of weight training exercises where throughout the exercise duration, the angle never changes about a joint. In these activities, instead of performing a movement, muscles must ... Read More »

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How to Test Isometrics?

Isometrics refer to muscle building, strength training exercises. Isometric exercise is when the muscle creates tension by forcing against an immovable object, such as pushing against a wall, helpi... Read More »

How to Train for Fighting with Isometrics?

Be careful of road rage.On the streets today or when you're with your friend(s) you never know if you will be challenged to a fight or someone will mess about with your friends. Training can help y... Read More »

Can isometrics improve sprinting speed?

On One Hand: Good for StrengthIsometric exercises strengthen the muscle which is being trained. Since sprinting involves explosive power from several muscle groups, isometric exercises should be pe... Read More »