What is is allium?

Answer An Allium is a member of the onion family.

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What does allium mean?

Allium, sometimes spelled alium, is the Latin name for garlic. Gardeners know allium as bulbous herbs of the lily family, distinguished by a characteristic odor and by white, yellow or red flowers.... Read More »

When can I cut the foliage of an allium plant?

Alliums encompass a large family of bulbous plants including garlic, onions, chives and ornamentals. Pruning chives foliage all year promotes vigorous and healthier plants. Foliage in ornamental al... Read More »

How do I plant allium seeds?

PrepareFill a pot with quick-draining soil and sew the allium seeds across the top of the soil. Cover them with a thin layer of grit. Put the pot into the refrigerator for the first step in the see... Read More »

Can I cook with allium plants?

Yes, you can cook with allium plants. Allium species include onions, garlic, chives, shallots and leeks. There are over 750 varieties of alliums. Cooking is actually the best way to handle alliums ... Read More »