What is irs form 4562?

Answer Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 4562 shows the depreciation and amortization of various business assets. Depreciation is the process by which owners can recover the cost of business assets over... Read More »

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Do I oil a Singer 4562 sewing machine?

The online instruction manual for the Singer 4562 sewing machine does not mention any need to oil or lubricate the machine as part of either day-to-day use or periodic maintenance.References:Singer... Read More »

Is PlasmaNet Inc with an address at PO box 4562, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163 an Internet Scam?

Companies that give a PO and not a physical address tend to be scammers, is what I have heard.

I suffer from a form of cramps in my legs at night the only relief I get is form smoking marajuana pls help?

Well, to begin with, it's good you stopped the weed using. What you have often occurs as you are trying to go to sleep or when you wake up, which obviously limits your sleep time. They happen most ... Read More »

I have scanned a form, saved it to Word but am unable to type into the boxes on the form.?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition software.A scanner makes an image file, not a text file.Basically, what you're doing is like trying to change the colours or contrast of a photo using Word. Wor... Read More »