What is irrevocable trust?

Answer An irrevocable trust is a legal method for owning property. An irrevocable trust, unlike a revocable trust, can only be terminated with the consent of the trustee and the beneficiaries.BasicsA trus... Read More »

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LLC Vs. Irrevocable Trust?

In the area of estate planning, you can use a number of tools to help protect your assets and property. Some people put their assets into the ownership of a limited-liability company, or LLC, while... Read More »

Can given gifts be an irrevocable trust?

Gifts can be made as an irrevocable trust, which is a trust created during the giver's, or grantor's, lifetime that cannot be revoked, amended or terminated. The grantor transfers legal rights of t... Read More »

How do I administer an irrevocable trust?

Follow The AgreementIn order to administer an irrevocable trust, you must follow the trust agreement, which separates the ownership of the named property from the original owner. As the administrat... Read More »

Definition of Irrevocable Trust?

An irrevocable trust is a legal arrangement that, once created, cannot be terminated or otherwise altered by the creator. Those with specific questions about trusts should contact an attorney.