What is iron chlorosis and how can it best be treated?

Answer Iron chlorosis is an iron deficiency in the plant that shows itself with yellowed leaves, usually between the veins which remain green. Sometimes the entire leaf can turn yellow or white. It usuall... Read More »

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Iron Chlorosis in Zoysia Grass?

Young zoysia grass shoots turning yellow is typically an indicator of iron chlorosis, a problem usually associated with zoysia grass growing in alkaline soil with a pH above 7.5. Zoysia grass grown... Read More »

Why chlorosis disease occur in plants?

Decrease in Chlorophyll due to less availability of Mg or nitrogen in soil results in Chlorosis in plants as chlorophyll is present in plants and not in animals .

How to Cure Chlorosis in Queen Palm Trees?

Chlorosis in a queen palm tree usually causes yellowing leaves, although the specific manifestation may be different from tree to tree. For example, on some palms the oldest leaves may turn complet... Read More »

Why are smokers treated like second class citizens and also treated like children that need to be told off?

Yep, smoking is bad for you, got it. But for all the people screaming about smokers are you aware that car exhaust damages lungs also, as well as causes neurological damage, pollutes the ground wa... Read More »